Homebrew 101: Quick Reference

The following is a collection of the Beer Bits 2 HB 101 posts. My goal is to help people who have questions about homebrewing. Feel free to comment on them even if they're gettin' old. Your opinion is valuable to me and to those who might find this page via internet search.

Sure there's books, web pages, pamphlets, kit instructions, forums and all kinds of resources about brewing beer. Why cover it again here? I don't know. Why does your grandpa tell the same stories over and over again? Maybe it has to do with how we do it.
If you have a suggestion for a question let me know. Leave a comment.


Daddymem said...

1. Sanitation. Nothing is gonna kill you, but you can make some nasty tasting stuff.

2. RDWHAHB, really. It's just beer, something that has been brewed for ages.

3. Get an ingredient kit. Follow the instructions closely, there will be time later to modify how you do things-after you get a good grasp on the basics. Get an extra bucket so you can brew one week later (rack beer into second bucket, pour wort into first bucket after cleaning and sanitizing). Repetition tends to help get things to stick into your brain better and every time you brew you hone techniques.

4. Slow down, haste makes mistakes. It isn't a race. If it is a medal you want, be the tortoise.

5. Have fun! I really enjoy brewing. The whole process, while work, is fun. It is even more fun when you brew with a buddy.

Anonymous said...

I posted up a few videos from Homebrew junkies that are a great overview of first time brewers:


Good collection of beginners resources, now we just have to get people to look at them all.