Do you want to host? December 2008 Fermentation Friday

It is that holiday time of year. The last Fermentation Friday didn't really take off. Lack of lead time and Thanksgiving conspired against us.

I'm looking for an eager soul to host next Friday. Email me or leave a comment. beerbits2@gmail.com

Perhaps homebrew experimentation or recipe choice is a good topic considering the results of the poll?


marcus said...

Yo I'll take the bull by the horns if no one else wants to! Any ideas on topic choice, besides the obvious?


Adam said...

Hey Marcus, thanks for offering. I have somebody who emailed me just before you. Thank you for offering :-)

We'll do our best to get our announcement up soon.

Bryon said...

Thought I was hosting... I just got back from 2.5 months away on military training... I had limited connnectivity so my blog was a little slow during that time.

No worries, I was running behind anyway... Catching up with my wife and 5 month old. I'll try hosting another month since you moved on to someone else this month...

Adam said...


Good to have you back.

After last month I wanted to get the topic out earlier. I'll get you scheduled for one soon.

Also, I was looking for an email on your site, but, couldn't find one.


Bryon said...

Not a problem... I've been mostly off line for a bit... bryon@homebrewbeer.net works...

Just let me know what month you'd like me to host... And Merry Christmas!